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Investigators Disagree Over Colorado Horse Deaths

This was written by one of our freelance writers, Pat Raia. It seems rather appropriate that the image on the upper left-hand side of this page has a horse having an "encounter" with an alien, as you're about to read... Earlier this year a Colorado rancher called law enforcement authorities to report that he had discovered two of his horses dead and mutilated in their pasture. Months later, investigators... Read More

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'There's a Horse in That Car!'

So you need to take your horse to the veterinarian or on a road trip, but you don't have a truck and trailer to haul him? Well for one particular driver in Kansas, lack of conventional equine transportation didn't stop him--he just loaded up his Miniature Horse into the back seat of his champagne Toyota and drove on down the road--causing a stir for passing drivers. When the Potter family initially... Read More

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Don't Touch That Tail!

I don't know about you, but I place a lot of value on my horses' tails--I used to spend hours just combing my fingers through my horses' thick tails. My fingers would slowly work through all the tangles as I watched each strand lightly fall back into place. It's a cheap form of therapy, but it was my therapy. I'd scrub my Palomino's white tail until it was reflecting light, and I'd always have to work... Read More

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