Nowadays it's hard to find someone without a cell phone--they're everywhere! Horse people have them almost at all times. I know when I'm going to the barn, I make sure my phone is tucked away in my back pocket because you never know when you might need to call someone: a horse is injured, you're out of grain, or you just want to chat with a buddy while waiting for water troughs to fill.

cell phone

How many cell phones have you gone through due to damages incurred at the barn?

One of the reasons I have resisted getting a "smartphone" (and stuck with reliable flip phones) is because I question their ability to withstand farm life. While setting fence posts over Memorial Day weekend, my brother-in-law lost his work Blackberry in our front field. A few minutes later, it was bush-hogged into a million pieces by my dad. Now, of course, any regular flip phone may not be able to withstand that kind of force, but it'd be a lot easier and cheaper to replace a regular phone than a smartphone...right?

An interesting article from the shed some light on just how rough horse people can be to their cell phones. Rodeo contestants admitted to how brutal they are with their phones, both at a rodeo and at the barn. One contestant said she's gone through 12 phones, ten of which were broken at rodeos alone!

Now, granted, these aren't your "old fashioned" cowboys and cowgirls--these competitors like to be in touch with the outside world, even right up until the time they're about to step into the box or run through the alley. Things have changed since my high school and college rodeo days--I (and the rest of my contestants) left our phones in our trucks when we were about to compete (and that was only eight years ago). Now these Texas High School Rodeo Association contestants want to be able to update their Facebook status or Tweet their newest times as soon as they exit the arena, so they have their phones ready (unless it's fallen out of the saddle and into the arena).

This made me wonder how other horse people are with their phones. I've heard of phones being stepped on--some surviving, others not so much--and being dropped in water buckets. But what are the odd incidents (this is the Weird Horse News blog, you know)? What cell phone mishaps can you share?