Police departments in big cities like Los Angeles, New York City, New Orleans, etc., often increase law enforcement presence in some notorious areas of nightlife, in case any disorderly conduct arises. Most of these cities even employ a mounted police unit (much like Lexington, Ky.). But do you ever see a police horse going barhopping?

A Miami mounted police officer is often found walking through bars in the Ybor City district in South Florida. A video of this has been on YouTube and caught the eye of Miami news affiliate ABC Action News, who investigated the common event.

What does the Miami Police chief think of it? She approves, saying it's good "public relations" for the police department. Bar owners and visitors are seen petting and feeding peppermints to the police horse in the news clip, so it must not upset too many people.

The horse is recorded walking between a hookah bar and a tattoo parlor without any sign of spooking or even thinking twice of the change in scenery and ground. This is an excellent show of the horsemanship and relationship between horse and police officer. If anyone has ever watched these police horses work, it's amazing the things that don't bother them--gunfire, chasing bad guys, even handcuffing them.

My one worry would be the sanitary conditions of the tattoo parlor--wouldn't that be a health code violation?

Have you ever had an encounter with a police horse?