Horse lovers like myself grew up with that one horse that you dream about every night when you go to sleep. For me, it was The Black Stallion--I wanted one soooo badly. I even loved the movie The White Stallion, and decided I wanted a stallion that could be white one day and black the next.


As close to Trigger as I could get, my AQHA/PHBA gelding Skips TuTuffTu, aka “Niño.”

For others, there were the old-time Western horse heroes like Trigger and Buttermilk. Though they were before my time, as an avid palomino lover, I have to have Trigger up on my list of horses I'd love to own. Little boys and girls would gasp when Roy Rogers would make his grand entrances on screen--golden coat shining in the sun, flaxen mane blowing in the wind, and Rogers' white hat high above it all. Trigger had more than 100 tricks in his repertoire, including doing the hula, untying ropes, counting, shooting a gun, knocking on doors, and walking on his hindquarters. And Buttermilk was always held in high regard with Roy's beautiful wife, Dale Evans, astride. Who wouldn't want either horse in their backyard?

Flash forward to 2010, and you now have the ability to purchase the Trigger and have him perform his signature stance in your household. That's heard week you can purchase the actual stuffed remains of one of the most famous horses of all time, according to the

The gelding, forever embalmed in his famous pose, is expected to fetch $200,000 at the Christie's auction July 14, along with other Rogers and Evans memorabilia including Rogers' German Shepherd, Buttermilk, and Trigger Jr. The auction is coming after the Roy Rogers Museum closed, and is expected to generate $1.4 million, with the proceeds going to the family of the famous cowboy.

Trigger captured the heart of Rogers within one short ride, after he was purchased with several other horses. "He would turn on a dime and he'd give you nine cents change," Rogers later quipped.

If you could purchase a famous horse, dead or alive, who would it be?