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Barhopping Police Horse

Police departments in big cities like Los Angeles, New York City, New Orleans, etc., often increase law enforcement presence in some notorious areas of nightlife, in case any disorderly conduct arises. Most of these cities even employ a mounted police unit (much like Lexington, Ky.). But do you ever see a police horse going barhopping? A Miami mounted police officer is often found walking through bars... Read More

Horse & Buggy (Low-Speed) Police Chase

Back in the Wild West it wasn't surprising to have police chases via horseback. The bad guys tried to run away on their fast horses after robbing a bank, and the sheriffs or U.S. Marshals would give chase on their dependable steeds. It was more like an "equal speed" chase because both parties were using the same type of horsepower. So what about a police chase of unequal speed? You know, one horsepower... Read More

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Your Very Own Trigger!

Horse lovers like myself grew up with that one horse that you dream about every night when you go to sleep. For me, it was The Black Stallion --I wanted one soooo badly. I even loved the movie The White Stallion , and decided I wanted a stallion that could be white one day and black the next. As close to Trigger as I could get, my AQHA/PHBA gelding Skips TuTuffTu, aka “Niño.” For others, there were... Read More

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