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A Different Type of Marathon

A 30-year tradition continued June 12 with the usual outcome: Horse beats man. Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, a town known for spas in Wales (Great Britain), is the home to the Man versus Horse Marathon, a 22-mile race where human runners compete against riders on horseback. (So, technically, since a real marathon is 26.2 miles, it's not really a marathon, but I digress...) According to Wikipedia the race... Read More

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"Oh honey, I feel your pain..."

Husband and wife horse owners Adam and Lisa Hooker experienced their own type of deja vu last month when they were both injured by the same horse on the same day. What's even more interesting? The couple broke the same bones in the same leg! Lisa was riding their Percheron/Thoroughbred-cross mare, Lacey, when out of nowhere the mare spooked and threw Lisa off in a fenced-in pasture. This type of thing... Read More

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Donkey Ass-ault

Officials in Croatia have finally ended an 8-year litigation against a donkey by the family of a then-8-year-old girl. Djino the donkey was charged with deliberately biting the girl in Blazevdo, Croatia. Ljubomir Smrndic, the owner, worked to convince the court that the donkey's action was a natural response to being tormented by the girl. (Sort-of like self defense.) Court officials have declared... Read More

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