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Wedding Bells...Donkey Style

What better way to celebrate a warm spring day than by celebrating the union of two souls in holy matrimony? How about if those two souls actually wore four hooves instead of dress shoes, and two pairs of giant ears instead of a top hat or veil? On May 15, a pair of donkeys named Duman and Linda were "married." They have become the first beasts of burden to be married in Turkey, if not the world, reports... Read More

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Got a Horse Story to Share?

This may not be weird horse news, but it's a way to share your horse story with the rest of the world! The Horses in Culture Project would like to hear from horse owners with their own stories to share. Supported by a Carnegie-Whitney Grant from the American Library Association, the Horses in Culture Project seeks to build a searchable database of horse stories that represent different cultures and... Read More

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Horse Becomes Ambulance in Britain

A 7-year-old horse is joining a British ambulance service as a way to get medical aid to people at a park faster than a traditional ambulance. Chase and his owner, Mark Bennett, will be assisting emergency callers at the Cannock Chase Country Park in Staffordshire, according to a report in the Daily Mail . It will mark the first time an animal has been used as an ambulance in Britain during modern... Read More

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Saved by the....Horse??

This is an interesting story found by one of our freelancers, Tracy Gantz, and while it may not fit our content on , it certainly fits the content in this blog! Teen Uses Horse to Escape Abduction A teen-aged girl in Australia escaped on horseback from two men trying to abduct her, according to a report on She was on her horse when the incident occurred, and she was able to... Read More

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