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Derby Time

As we countdown the hours now until the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby, we reflect on some of the odd things racing-related: Betting Advice : Some people place bets based on previous race experience, others because of the jockey or trainer, a few by the color of the horse, or who his sire is. But what about the "uneducated" few that bet by the horse's name? A few years ago, the NTRA ran a series... Read More

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One Smooth Ride

Just how tough are jockeys nowadays? Sure they may suffer some broken bones every once in a while, but can they handle something most women endure on a regular basis? Steeplechase jockeys in the United Kingdom chose a unique way to raise funds for their Injured Jockeys Fund: waxing their legs. Horse and Hound UK reports 10 jockeys joined together after a race at Cottenham racecourse near Cambridge... Read More

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101 Dalmatians 3: The Spotted Pony Chronicles

A foal has caught the eye and imaginations of many visitors to the United Kingdom's Dartmoor, a national park located in the middle of Devon. "Spotty" was born to a chocolate brown mare more than a week ago, but it's thought that his father may have the same unique black spots on a white background, a strong resemblance to Disney's favorite poochs, the Dalmatian. The UK Telegraph has a photo of the... Read More

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The Dung Stops Here

Residents in Kerikeri, New Zealand, have won the right to keep their piles of fresh manure right where they left them--in the streets. As reported by , the controversial bylaw, stating riders had to immediately pick up horse droppings in public places, was originally drafted due to droppings left by a Clydesdale near a local cafe. Local horse owners swarmed the council with more than 100... Read More

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