A Quarter Horse in Central Kentucky was euthanized after being struck by a car while standing in his stall, kypost.com reported.

Driver Adam Smith went off the road while attempting to avoid another vehicle on a sharp curve, sending his car into the barn where it struck the stallion. Reports indicate the horse's leg was broken and the barn ignited. A deputy sheriff euthanized the animal at the barn owner's request.

A herd of wild and domesticated horses galloped through the streets of a San Diego suburb last week, even visiting the Olympic training center.

According to reports, wild horses approached and lured horses out of their pastures at the OK Corral. They galloped through Chula Vista, pursued by news helicopters, police, Border Patrol agents, San Diego Humane Society workers, and "a guy on a horse and he has rope," per a 911 caller. (The mysterious cowboy was OK Corral owner Paul Rucobo.)

A ranch hand eventually lassoed the lead horse and led the group back to the ranch. Some horses sustained leg injuries, and several are being cared for at the county shelter.

Read more and see videos. The San Diego Tribune has also posted the 911 calls.