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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

A Quarter Horse in Central Kentucky was euthanized after being struck by a car while standing in his stall, reported. Driver Adam Smith went off the road while attempting to avoid another vehicle on a sharp curve, sending his car into the barn where it struck the stallion. Reports indicate the horse's leg was broken and the barn ignited. A deputy sheriff euthanized the animal at the barn... Read More

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CSI Equine

A panther is the leading suspect in an attack on a yearling Miniature Horse that left the diminutive equine injured and two guard dogs dead in Manatee, Fla. reports the 18" horse named Tivo was attacked sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning. He escaped with a shredded ear and tears in his neck, while two of the three guard dogs in his enclosure had to be euthanized due to their... Read More

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Ladies' Choice

This year marks the fifth anniversary of March to the Arch, an AQHA event featuring cross dressing, micro-piglets , and more--all for a good cause. AQHA's America's Horse Daily reports the show has raised more than $120,000 over the years, supporting research by the American Cancer Society and the University of Oklahoma Cancer Institute. Funds raised this year--the total's not yet known--will go to... Read More

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Old Baldy

Two city museums are fighting over the mounted head of a horse called "Old Baldy," The Associated Press reports. Old Baldy isn't just any horse--he was the preferred mount of Gen. George Meade during many of the Civil War's most infamous battles, including Antietam and Gettysburg. The Grand Army of the Republic Museum and the Civil War Museum will have joint custody of Old Baldy. Read more (and see... Read More

Calling All Mules

To get a handle on its mule deficit, Cuba is undertaking a national census of the long-eared equids, their daily newspaper reported. "The paper reports the country might be some 8,000 [mules] in the red (pardon the pun)," said the Miami New Times . Mules are crucial for the transport of coffee, cocoa, and other agricultural staples in the country's mountainous areas. The hardy hybrids are generally... Read More

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