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A Polish man is in trouble. The story involves a horse or horses, one of which was found hitched the front axle of his van. Beyond that, the details depend on whom you ask. The Daily Mail version goes like this: 55-year-old lumberjack Leszek Stepien (who might have had a nip of vodka--an officer said he was at twice the legal limit), loaded a stallion and a mare into the back of his son's van to take... Read More


A sturdy pony has been credited with helping caretakers attend to animals stranded in a recent Virginia snowstorm. Half a dozen donkeys and llamas were stranded in a lower shed at Leesburg Animal Park, Leesburg Today reported. The animals had hay but no water. Staff members tried to use a tractor to reach them, but the machine became stuck in deep drifts of snow. Resigned, they started slowly digging... Read More

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Abandoned Horse

Australian horse owner Jenny Mahoney awoke one day last week to find a strange horse in her pasture. Sadly, this story isn't uncommon. But this one has a twist. "I only have the one, McBeal, so I slowly approached the strange horse, saying 'Steady, easy fella,' " she told the Herald Sun . "It was only when I got right up to it in the dark that I realised it was a life-size, fiberglass horse." The Mahoneys... Read More

Fatal Attack Reported

All joking aside, a very weird and sad story is coming from Cumberland City, Tenn., where a man was attacked and killed by his stallion. Travis Oliver Beard, 68, died Jan. 21 at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, the Stewart Houston Times reported. The cause of the attack is unknown. Rabies tests on the horse came back negative. Beard's son William and friend Bruce Higgins arrived at... Read More

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