It's that time again! Show off your syllabic subjugation skills with a new round of horsey haiku. Our subject: winter stable management.

(To review, haiku lines go in patterns of 5/7/5 syllables. Stanza breaks don't display well in comments, so I suggest inserting a short line of hyphens ----- to indicate a new grouping.)

There's a cycle to
Kentucky's January
Mud ice mud ice mud

Tundra pastures are
Devoid of vegetation
Throwing flakes upwind

I have hay in my
Gloves, socks, nose, eyes, ears, and throat
Time for Benadryl

Mares are grumpier
Than usual and that is
Quite an allowance

I dream of showing
My good horse has gone feral
Hairy yak-like beast

Water spigot froze
Steaming buckets night and day
Brought from the bathtub

All this and frozen
Fingers, toes, forgotten when
I hear a nicker.

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