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Living Nativity

The living Nativity at Eagle River Presbyterian Church near Vail, Colo., became more exciting than intended when the two donkeys involved escaped from their pen. The Vail Daily reported the chase took pursuers from the Avon church, behind some shops, and along the railroad tracks into Eagle-Vail where the lost long-ears were eventually located. Church member Chip Howard, who had borrowed the donkeys... Read More

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Calling All Donkeys

A church in Redditch, Worcestershire, UK, has yet to fill one vial role in their annual Christmas pageant: the donkey. They put out a call via the Redditch Advertiser for a "placid and calm" donkey for the Christmas Eve service. Along with a real donkey, the pageant will include a real baby and a cast of children. "Donkeys and of course, babies, can be unpredictable but that only adds to the experience... Read More

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Fashion Week

Every few years those-in-the-know declare equestrian is "in" and (at least for the next 15 minutes) the fashion mags fill with emaciated gals sitting/hanging/leaning on obviously sedated horses whose lead shanks and reins meander into unseen hands out of the frame. Well, it must be that time again because the New York Times tells me Gucci and Hermès are jumping into the world of show jumping sponsorship... Read More

Bring Me a Shrubbery!

A horse can thank some rubbery shrubbery for breaking his fall after the animal tumbled off a hillside, the San Gabriel Valley News reported. Los Angeles County Fire Department Capt. Lee Knott told the paper the animal got loose and ran off the edge of a steep hill. "It got spooked and ran off the edge," Knott said. "It fell off the edge into the shrubs and got entangled and rolled over on its back... Read More

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