Why run a marathon when you can just ride a horse?

The fine folks at The Onion recently covered the New York City marathon in true Onion fashion, with an article on victor Meb Keflezighi's "performance-enhancing horse."

Per The Onion report, Keflezighi won the race aboard a 2- to 4-year-old chestnut Thoroughbred.

Race officials investigated after reports of, "remarkable speed, unusual race-day height, and distinctive 'clip-clop' gait, Keflezighi's frequent nickering caused the other runners to speculate that he may have been using a horse in some fashion," organizer Mary Wittenberg was quoted as saying.

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Snaps to reader Leah for the weird news tip!

A woman is suing the New York Police Department after a police horse allegedly bit her on the arm, nbcnewyork.com reported.

The woman contends that she suffered permanent injuries in the "ferocious" attack by a horse named Mr. Biggs. According to the report, the (human) officer allowed the horse to approach the victim, at which time she was bitten on the forearm. The suit alleges the officer should've had control of the horse because of its "propensity to attack and bite human beings."

The best part of the story might be nbcnewyork.com's closing line: "We've left a salt block and a few carrots outside the precinct but have yet to hear back from Mr. Biggs for a comment."