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Self defense?

A donkey named Spike is in trouble after he jumped a fence and mauled a man. However, questions remain as to whether the animal was being harassed at the time of the incident, NBC Augusta reported. Neighbors said kids, teens, and adults had thrown rocks at Spike and taunted the animal within the past weeks. He bit a 16-year-old girl on the back the day before the mauling occurred. "I think it's a good... Read More

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A horse believed to be stolen from his Georgia pasture was found alive in a nearby ditch three weeks after going missing, reported television station WALB News . A cell phone video shows Sheyenne being lifted from the five-foot ditch in a cotton field about a mile from his owners' farm. He's lost about half of his 1,200 pounds, but a veterinarian who examined him said he's likely to recover from his... Read More

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Performance-Enhancing Horse

Why run a marathon when you can just ride a horse? The fine folks at The Onion recently covered the New York City marathon in true Onion fashion, with an article on victor Meb Keflezighi's "performance-enhancing horse." Per The Onion report, Keflezighi won the race aboard a 2- to 4-year-old chestnut Thoroughbred. Race officials investigated after reports of, "remarkable speed, unusual race-day height... Read More


A New Mexico calf might provide an example of advances in livestock prosthetic technology. Meadow, a yearling Black Angus calf, sustained major damage to her hind limbs last winter when she lost her back hooves and half of her ears to severe frostbite, the Associated Press reported. Rancher Nancy Dickenson and her stepdaughter bought the injured calf from her owner and took her to veterinarians and... Read More

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