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Earning their Stripes

Behind a blockade through which only humanitarian and basic supplies are allowed, Gaza's Happy Land Zoo gets creative when it comes to introducing new animals to the community's children. "The zebras are locally manufactured," Zoo Director Mahmud Barghut told AFP . "We take a donkey and draw stripes on it." He said the process requires two days, masking tape, and French... Read More

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Attack of the Zedonk

A zedonk (a zebra/donkey hybrid) at a farm market in Spring Lake, Fla., attacked a worker last weekend, biting the man on his feet and legs as he attempted to crawl away. Hernando Today reported that James Oleson, 34, was painting an outer perimeter fence when the zedonk ducked under its own enclosure fence to bite him on the foot. Oleson was knocked to the ground and the animal continued to bite at... Read More

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Postcard from Aruba

Ahh, Aruba. White sand, turquoise water, and donkeys. Donkeys? Yes, lots of them, as I was lucky enough to be able to verify in person last week. Before cars overtook the Dutch Caribbean island about 30km off the coast of Venezuela, donkeys were a major form of transportation. But when their usefulness was eclipsed by the auto, many of the long-eared equines were set loose to fend for themselves on... Read More

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Mongolian Horse Wrecks Mall

According to , a horse in Inner Mongolia "ran amok" in a business hall after escaping from a slaughter house, where it was due to be killed. The report said the horse broke through the hall's glass doors and began running around the business hall, frightening three clerks working behind the counter. Read More

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Busing Miss B

Five days after she went missing, Houston mare Miss B turned up at a bus stop, The Houston Chronicle reported . Her owners' friend alerted the family when she saw the mare tied to a metro sign on Tuesday about a half-mile from home. The neighborhood search for Miss B began last Thursday, when the mare, spooked by thunder, bolted from her shed. With neighbors on the lookout, no one's sure where... Read More

Eddie's Bad Day

Eddie, a 9-year-old gray Arabian gelding from Powell, Wyo., survived a wild ride last week after the trail beneath him collapsed, sending him through water gates and into a 3.3-mile-long irrigation tunnel, the Powell Tribune reported. District irrigation manager Bryant Startin told the paper it would have taken the horse about 45 minutes to pass through the tunnel. While Eddie would have had about... Read More

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