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Hit and Run

A 77-year-old woman from the U.K. died of injuries she sustained when struck by a spooked zebra, a new coroner's report concluded. Eileen Whale was staying at a holiday center in Kenya last September when the pet zebra collided with her, tossing her in the air. She died in February. The BBC News cited a coroner's report of gastrointestinal bleeding and pancreatitis brought about by a series... Read More

Some Like Them Fast

After weeks of news on a female track athlete's gender testing and associated scandal regarding officials' handling of the issue , it's timely to point out improved testing for racehorses is also uncovering a few surprises in the starting gates – including some fillies and mares reclassified as horses after hormone levels revealed that were carrying some extra anatomical baggage. Earlier... Read More

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Sea Horses

Swimming with dolphins? That's so last year. Try riding with dolphins. A Bradenton, Fla., horse owner is offering "horse surfing" for those looking for a different type of aquatic adventure. Reported on , former polo player and 10-year horse surfer Tim Mattox offers horse rides in the bay. Patrons have the option to ride or stand atop the wading animal and jump off into... Read More

Fat Asses

The ever-expanding waistlines of some burros in Oatman, Ariz., have prompted the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to ask tourists to kindly refrain from feeding carrots and other goodies to the portly beasts, MSNBC reported. The burros are a major draw for the half-million tourists that visit the tiny town annually. But the BLM is hoping a reduction in the all-you-can-eat buffet will encourage the critters... Read More

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