Ten horses with the St. Louis police department's mounted patrol division were tested for lead poisoning earlier this week after high levels of the toxic element were found in the in the floors and walls of their stable, stltoday.com reported.

None of the horses or the 22 employees showed elevated levels of lead. The Board of Police Commissioners of now debating whether to board the horses for six months while the lead is abated.

An apparent lightning strike killed five horses in an Enfield, N.Y. pasture this week, The Ithaca Journal reported.

Farm owner John Rancich found the five down in the 60-acre pasture following a severe thunderstorm. A veterinarian said they were likely struck by lightning, and it's believed death was instantaneous.

The horses included two Shires, a Thoroughbred-Shire cross, a Quarter Horse, and an Arabian.

Three other horses survived.

Read more about lightning and horses.  

How do you manage your horses during storms? Do you bring them inside, or do they stay out on pasture?

Former fashion model Jordan, aka Katie Price, has been a topic of conversation among some horse folks ever since she decided to take up dressage. See Horse and Hound coverage of her competitive debut last June.  

Since that time she's been a hot subject in the dressage world on issues like glitter shadbellies and her line of ... unique ... equine apparel. (See what I'm getting at).  

A recent upgrade in horsebox made headlines as well - the old one must not have been pink enough, as it was replaced by a bigger, pinker, more glittery version. See photos.

Which I think brings us up to this week.

Teenage fan Hannah McMullen told entertainmentwise.com Price threatened to run her over with the aforementioned horsebox when she approached her for an autograph. McMullen, who was with her parents at the time of the incident, said she no longer admired Price and now supports her former husband. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

(Don't judge. I spend a lot of time looking for legitimate horse-related news and all this keeps getting caught in my filters. I might as well put it to good use.)