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Sinister Sands

Earlier this month we reported on a sad incident on a French beach in which a horse and rider fell into decomposing green algae. Toxic gasses produced by the seaweed killed the horse almost immediately, while the rider was pulled to safety, narrowly avoiding the same fate. Read the story . At right, a photo of the horse, Sir Glitter, provided by his owner/rider. Now an Associated Press report is adding... Read More

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Summertime Haikus

We've nearly let a season pass us by without another round of readers' horse haikus! Read the great submissions on the springtime haiku post . It's simple—three lines with a pattern of 5-7-5 syllables each, respectively. To add yours, make sure you're signed in (if you're not registered on it's free and easy ) and just hit comment below the post. Here are mine:... Read More

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Lead, Lightning, and a Luxury Lorry

Ten horses with the St. Louis police department's mounted patrol division were tested for lead poisoning earlier this week after high levels of the toxic element were found in the in the floors and walls of their stable, reported. None of the horses or the 22 employees showed elevated levels of lead. The Board of Police Commissioners of now debating whether to board the horses for... Read More

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Do the Locomotion

"Win a Horse-Powered Car. Horse Not Included." How can we not click on this headline? Iranian inventor Hadi Mirhejazi is offering his horse-powered car, its patent, and a $100,000 cash prize to whomever can tell him why he invented it in the first place, Wired reports. The Naturmobil uses a horse-powered treadmill connected to a 20-gear drivetrain. This both recharges the battery and powers... Read More

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Mini Mule Might Meet the Monarch

Pedro, a mule standing just 29 inches tall, might not have a regal stature, but he'll be able to hobnob with the royals at the UK's Blenheim Show, reports . Pedro was invited by the British Mule Society, and might even meet the Queen, who's expected to attend. Pedro's owner, Maisey Watson, said vets say Pedro's unlikely to grow above his current height of 29 inches... Read More

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I'm Back!

Ladies in China: hold onto your bras. The Ethiopian Review cites a report from The Austrian Times that a man in Eastern China (still with me here?) has found a new set of blinkers for his donkey: his wife's bra. Farmer Wing Lung's regular blinkers were chafing his animal's head, so he stole his wife's bra off the clothesline and took that to work instead. He told the Austrian paper... Read More

Weird Hits Primetime

Two of our front page stories from the past week certainly qualify as weird: the Miami-area horse killings and the recent poisoning of 23 California Saddlebreds. We started following the Miami horse poaching in March, when area investigators said at least a dozen cases had been reported. Read the first story . Since that time the killings have progressed fairly regularly, with two in the past two weeks... Read More

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