I'm not drunk--the horse is.

That's what a woman allegedly told police when she was given a disorderly conduct ticket for riding a horse down the centerline of a highway in Six Mile, S.C., while intoxicated.

A pedestrian alerted an officer on Saturday that the woman, Tracy Nadine Ellenburg, was riding down Main Street, television station WYFF reported.

An officer found the horse tied to a bench outside a convenience store while Ellenburg was attempting to use the phone inside.

Ellenburg allegedly told the office "she wasn't drunk, the horse was." She later said she'd consumed a six-pack of beer before attempting to ride the horse to her boyfriend's house.

The horse's owner said the animal was taken without his consent, but he wasn't going to press charges.

The Palio, a horserace in Siena, Italy, in which jockeys representing city districts ride bareback around the city square, could encounter some changes if an order imposing restrictions on the events comes to pass.

The Guardian reports that the regulations include banning whips ... and bits.

Regarding the latter, Andrea De Gortes, the race's most successful jockey, suggests, "I would say to whoever may have written that: get up on a horse and try it."

Santiam Canyon Stampede rodeo queen Kami Smith is using her horse's unique ears to send a message to schoolchildren, The Statesman Journal reports.

Her horse, Ginger, lost portions of both her ears to sarcoids years ago.

"I was scared to death," Smith told the paper. "At that age a lot of kids I rode with made fun of her."

But the issue never affected the pair's relationship. They've competed in barrel racing, pole bending, flag racing, and team events.

Now Smith uses posters of the horse to teach kids that appearance doesn't matter as much as what's inside.

"We've been together a long time," she said. "Ginger has taught me as much as I have taught her."