There was some concern in Philadelphia earlier this week when the Emmanuel Frémiet statue of Joan of Arc was unceremoniously loaded on a flatbed and hauled away, Philebrity reports.

But fear not--"Joanie On The Pony," as the work was referred to, is just getting a facelift and some minor repairs.

The refurbished sculpture will be reinstalled and rededicated on the site in late fall.

Speaking of ponies, if you're doing early Christmas shopping for a small, equine-inclined someone, check these out.  

A 7-year-old girl in Battle Creek, Mich., lost a finger earlier this month when a horse she was saddling apparently took offense. According to the Chicago Tribune report, the horse will be quarantined for 30 days.

Cover art: FAIL.

(This section brought to you by a fantastically funny thread on the Chronicle of the Horse forums.)  

I didn't realize tack was so difficult to illustrate. Judging by these, there must be a real shortage of, you know, photographs. Of real people. Actually riding real horses.

Have you found any cover art/illustration fails?