A baby donkey in Arberdeen, UK, might be destined for greatness. His handlers are asking to the public to weigh in on whether he should be named after a tennis champ or the King of Pop.

Staff at Pets Corner originally planned to name him after Scottish tennis star Andy Murray because the donkey was born June 29, just as Murray defeated an opponent at Wimbledon. But Michael Jackson's recent death prompted an early change after a long discussion amongst the staff, Horse and Hound reported.

"It took a long time to decide [what to name him] because it's just like naming a child," attendant Bev Caie said. "But Michael Jackson was such a big superstar and it's such a major issue at the moment that we thought it was the thing to do."

In an update, Pets Corner is now seeking public opinion as to what moniker the donkey should have.

Andy or Jackson? How about Jandy? Andson? Jack Andyson? Suggestions can go to the Aberdeen City Council at CommunityContacts@aberdeencity.gov.uk.  

It's been a tough few days for police horses.

First, the Boston Mounted Unit was dissolved June 30 (end of the city's fiscal year). All of the horses have been placed in new homes, with some moving to other units. Read the article, "Boston Police Horses Relocated After Budget Cuts" for more on that.

Then a Houston woman was trampled by a police horse while watching a parade (more associated drama).

Then a man was arrested by Provincetown, Mass., police Saturday night after he allegedly punched a police horse named Fred on the flank. Fred was not injured.

Interestingly, Fred is a member of the Plymouth County Sheriff's Department, the same group featured in the above article for taking on two of the Boston horses. Small world, eh?