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Drinking Buddies

I'm not drunk--the horse is. That's what a woman allegedly told police when she was given a disorderly conduct ticket for riding a horse down the centerline of a highway in Six Mile, S.C., while intoxicated. A pedestrian alerted an officer on Saturday that the woman, Tracy Nadine Ellenburg, was riding down Main Street, television station WYFF reported. An officer found the horse tied to a bench... Read More

Of Ponies and Paperbacks

There was some concern in Philadelphia earlier this week when the Emmanuel Frémiet statue of Joan of Arc was unceremoniously loaded on a flatbed and hauled away, Philebrity reports. But fear not--"Joanie On The Pony," as the work was referred to, is just getting a facelift and some minor repairs. The refurbished sculpture will be reinstalled and rededicated on the site in late fall. Speaking... Read More

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Mules in Space

I keep finding mules in unexpected places. Like the 40-year anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. Did you know that Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong piloted a mule through the Grand Canyon in March 1964? I didn't either, until I saw it on the U.S. Geological Survey Web site . Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were trained in astrogeology in order to learn about the geology of potential lunar landing... Read More

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Hard News

Donkey suits are no laughing matter in Azerbaijan, says a recent article from the New York Times . In a move that some say signals a crackdown on online media, Azeri blogger Adnan Hajizada was recently arrested on charges of hooliganism for allegedly attacking two men, although some witnesses disagreed with the charge. The back story: Hajizada recently appeared in a spoof video wearing a donkey suit... Read More

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Vive La France!

On this date in 1789, Parisians stormed the Bastille fortress/prison, freeing prisoners in an action that become symbolic of the birth of the modern nation. Paris might host the main celebration , but folks in the Boston area are pretty happy too: Bastille Day this year marked the arrival of two new celebrities at the Franklin Park Zoo. Samuel and Balthazar are Poitou donkeys, one of the oldest and... Read More

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Older than Dirt

Elmer Bandit, the 38-year-old competitive trail horse who broke the record for lifetime mileage last year , is one of our favorite examples of a geriatric horse. But a horse now on display at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre in Whitehorse, Canada, has him beat by more than a nose. (Although definitely not a live nose.) The fossilized Yukon horse ( Equus lambei ) is estimated to be 26,000 years... Read More


A baby donkey in Arberdeen, UK, might be destined for greatness. His handlers are asking to the public to weigh in on whether he should be named after a tennis champ or the King of Pop. Staff at Pets Corner originally planned to name him after Scottish tennis star Andy Murray because the donkey was born June 29, just as Murray defeated an opponent at Wimbledon. But Michael Jackson's recent death... Read More

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