Decorated horses have graced the streets of many a city since the Trail of Painted Ponies started in Santa Fe. Local artists paint the fiberglass equines, which are often auctioned at the end of the season as a fundraiser. Beautiful community art, raising money for good causes.

But in the village of Saugerties, N.Y., similar fiberglass equines have lately encountered some abuse, an article from the Daily Freeman reports.

Three of the horses have sustained damage. The vandalism even led to some arrests, said town Councilwoman Nancy Campbell.

"Campbell said one of the three men arrested apparently broke a horse off its pedestal and then tried to 'ride' it down Main Street," the report noted.

(And the real shocker: "She said all the men reportedly were drunk.")

The display features 46 fiberglass horses on village streets. The horses will remain throughout the summer before they're auctioned at a horse show Sept. 12.

The proceeds from the auction will go to area food banks and the Saugerties Area Chamber of Commerce. See some of the horses.  

So, please: lay off the ponies.

"[The horses are] begging to be touched," Campbell told the paper, "but they're not begging to be ridden."

Read more about the Saugerties Horse'n Around (and check out those cookies!).

With all the elements of a Cirque production--gymnasts, contortionists, dancers, and feats of strength--plus horse acts including trick riding and drill team, you'd think Artania would be a hit.

But it's not to be, at least in Dallas, according to an article on The big top came down in the middle of the Dallas dates. Organizers blamed the abrupt closure on issues with vendors and performers' visas.

One local horse trainer said she drove to the showground to offer information on where the horses could be stabled locally.

"I'm not ready to talk about this now," organizer Mairbek Kantemirov told Monday.

See a promotional video clip.  

(In related news, did you know Cavalia is coming to Chicago? The run is scheduled for July 14-26. I hear it's amazing. See the site.)