They say good fences make good neighbors—so something tells me the fences (at least those bordering one mule's pasture) aren't so great in Hulbert, Okla. According to a report in the Tahlequah Daily Press, a mule there is causing a ruckus through its attempted advances toward local riding horses.

Police answered a call about the animal last month, when it ran across a field and jumped fences to approach a rider on horseback. According to the report, a woman was riding one horse and ponying another when the mule approached and mounted the horse she was leading, despite her attempts to hit it with a whip and the reins.

The report noted, "Mules are generally sterile, but they don’t know that, and like other mammals, they have the natural drive to procreate."

Apparently the feeling wasn't mutual; the horse fled. A man on an ATV wrangled the mule, which the report notes had harassed area people previously.

Real estate, car, and horse ads will occasionally include the term "determined seller" to let prospective buyers know that all offers will be considered.

But I've never heard of a determined buyer.

Virginia Freeman of Artois, Calif, has some determined buyers on her hands, specifically, a group of unidentified men pressuring her to sell her donkeys to them, reports the Chico Enterprise-Record.  

It started when four men went into a local shop and asked the store owner if she would sell her donkeys (which were pictured in a photo in the store).

"The men harassed the woman repeatedly about selling the animals," the report stated. "When she took down the photos, and finally made it clear they weren't for sale at any price, the men backed away."

Then phone calls to Freeman began. A man called repeatedly, offering to buy her donkeys. She explained the animals were rescues and that they weren't for sale. No price was offered.

More calls, including offers to buy smaller donkeys only visible from her own backyard, followed. Other incidents, including a chain on her gate and a car parked along the road (when Freeman's husband approached the vehicle, the driver asked whether they had burros for sale, then drove away), add to the mystery.

She's reported the issue to the local police, but without any identification on the men, there's not much they can do.

What might be going on here? Anyone heard of a similar story?

Yes, the word "horse" appears:

"Woman obsessed with rabbits back in hutch."  

Excerpt: "She also was told not to go within 100 yards of a rabbit."