In a battle of the titans, a U.S. Clydesdale, a U.K. Shire, and an Australian Shire might all be contenders for the title of World's Largest Living Horse.

I think the Guinness record holder is Radar, a Belgian in Mount Pleasant, Texas, whose recorded height is 19 hands and 3 ½ inches at the wither. In 2007 a Tennessee Shire named Tina captured the title, but she died in 2008 (read more). The tallest documented (not living) was Sampson, a Shire foaled in England in 1846. He stood 21 hands and 2 ½ inches. He was also recorded as the most massive, at 3,360 lb!

Now the beer folks are heading back to Texas this week to measure Remington, a Dallas-area Clyde, according to The Dallas Morning News.  

Owner Cheryl Davis thinks Remington tops 20 hands, but they haven't been able to get him to stand still to be properly measured. Turns out Remington, who works for Belle Starre Carriages, is something of a character. He even has his own Blog: to chronicle his antics.

As The Dallas Morning News tells it:

"Like the time he put his front feet onto the air conditioning unit and knocked it off the house. Or the time he stuck his nose through the horse stall gate and threw it across the yard. Then there was the time he pulled a small tree out of the ground to play with. And when he scratched his neck on a 4x4 post in the barn and splintered it."

Trainer Bunny Morrissey summed it up as, "If you build it, he'll break it, and if he can't break it, he'll eat it."

Fun facts about Remington:

  • Daily diet: two square bales of hay, nine quarts of grains twice a day, and 40 gallons of water.
  • Weighed about six months ago, he tipped the scales at 2,900lb.
  • He wears size 10 shoes.
  • He's learned to duck on command when squeezing under a low clearance.

Squaring off across the Atlantic is Duke, a 6-year-old Shire who measured 19.3 as of last year, according to A recent measurement puts him at 20.1 hands.

The British record of 19.2 hands was held by a Shire named Cracker until his death just last year.

Fun facts about Duke:

  • His girth measures 8ft 6 inches, and his head is three feet long.
  • He's afraid of mice.
  • His daily diet includes 20 gallons of water, five gallons of herbal tea (really), and nearly 20 pounds of grass, hay, and grain.

And down under, there's Luscombe Nodram, aka Noddy. As of last year, the now 6-year-old Victorian Shire measured 20.1, according to Here's a photo of the handsome lad.  

But he'll likely remain an "unofficial" record-holder.

"We haven't bothered with Guinness World Records," owner Jane Greenman told "The Americans do that a lot, they seem to be quite into it, but he's mainly a working horse for us."

Fun facts about Noddy:

  • He's broke to ride and drive.
  • His owner said she broke bones falling off of him.
  • He's measured annually, on his birthday.

Are there other giants out there? Comment below.

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