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Art Appreciation

Decorated horses have graced the streets of many a city since the Trail of Painted Ponies started in Santa Fe. Local artists paint the fiberglass equines, which are often auctioned at the end of the season as a fundraiser. Beautiful community art, raising money for good causes. But in the village of Saugerties, N.Y., similar fiberglass equines have lately encountered some abuse, an article from the... Read More

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N'awlins, Y'all

I'm currently in New Orleans for the annual seminar of American Horse Publications , an industry group for horse magazine people (it's sort of like AAEP for equine publishing). As usual, I'm making note of all the equine activity. Between the carriage mules, fiberglass horses at the Mardi Gras World parade float wonderland, and the gorgeous steeds of the NOPD gracing Bourbon Street, there's... Read More

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A Study in Determination

They say good fences make good neighbors—so something tells me the fences (at least those bordering one mule's pasture) aren't so great in Hulbert, Okla. According to a report in the Tahlequah Daily Press , a mule there is causing a ruckus through its attempted advances toward local riding horses. Police answered a call about the animal last month, when it ran across a field and jumped fences... Read More

Short Stories

If you want a great story in a concise form, there's no beating a good police blotter. Every word is just packed with meaning (and, frequently, a bit of dry humor). Along those lines, sounds like there's some equine unrest in Montana. Here's an unabridged excerpt from the Flathead County Sheriff's Report, as reported in the Flathead Beacon (be sure to note, these all came in within an hour of each... Read More

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Colbert Was Right

Bears are a threat. And not just to humans--to equids. Specifically, donkeys. If you aren't familiar with The Colbert Report , host Honorable Professor Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA, reviews the Top 5 threats to America during the Threat Down portion of his Comedy Central news broadcast. Along with zombies, robots, and icebergs, Colbert frequently cites bears as a top threat to the nation. Read more... Read More

Big Boys

In a battle of the titans, a U.S. Clydesdale, a U.K. Shire, and an Australian Shire might all be contenders for the title of World's Largest Living Horse. I think the Guinness record holder is Radar , a Belgian in Mount Pleasant, Texas, whose recorded height is 19 hands and 3 ½ inches at the wither. In 2007 a Tennessee Shire named Tina captured the title, but she died in 2008 ( read more ). The... Read More

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