Summer means popsicles and flyspray (not in combination), and the voice of Hal Douglas telling us things like "Watch out--they're coming," as we escape the heat in the cool darkness of a movie theater. And there's one summer action flick that's guaranteed to be a hit with this audience.

Check out the trailer for "My Little Pony: Reign of Buttercup Sprinkles."


But perhaps the concept of diminutive equines on a rampage isn't so far-fetched.

El Heraldo, a local paper in Tolu, Colombia, reported that a 5-year-old girl recently lost an ear when she was attacked by a donkey.

The donkey, Florentino, allegedly attacked the girl as she was playing with friends, lifting her off the ground by her ear, then striking her with his hooves when the ear tore away.

The girl's mother says Florentino has twice attacked people previously, which his owner denies.

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But in other cases, it's the equids that are the unwitting accomplices.

A quarrel over use of the family donkey has landed two brothers in court after one allegedly threatened to kill the other, reports Botswana newspaper, Mmegi Online.

According to the report, Atlholang Kgama and his brother were fussing over who got to use one of the family donkeys when the accused began repeatedly telling his brother "Ke tla go hula ka thobolo (I will shoot you with a gun)," resulting in a single charge of threat to kill.

Kgama told the magistrate he does not own a gun, but public prosecutor Innocent Billy (yes, really) said the accused has access to one.

Kgama was denied bail. There's no word on whether the brother was allowed to use the donkey.