Do you ever watch "How It's Made"? The Science/Discovery channel show takes viewers behind the scenes at various factories and workshops to demonstrate the elaborate, often automated, processes raw material goes through to become crayons, buttons, aluminum foil, anatomical models, and more.

But automation isn't limited to the factory--it's also making inroads into horse training. At least that's what the folks at Kurtsystems are working on.

Horse training car
Horse in car system

The car system

The company, which is based in Turkey, uses rail and car systems to automate the training of racehorses and camels. Or, as they put it:  

"Our company develops machinery with the objective of decreasing or replacing human intervention in the training of horses and camels, in order to decrease or eliminate errors, prevent carelessness and accidents often caused by man."

Basically, they have two systems. For the car system, a vehicle driven by the trainer wraps around behind the horse (or camel). The car moves along with the horse at a precisely regulated speed. The vehicle has the capability to set this based on target heart rate. Other features include real-time monitoring of oxygen intake and gait analysis. Safety belts are used to minimize risk of injury.

The other system utilizes an elevated rail system with a train of box cars (outfitted with similar monitoring technologies) that drop down around the horse. Up to 50 animals can be exercised simultaneously.

See some videos and hear what some vets have to say.  

What do you think? Safer, more consistent option? Or is this something best left to actual human hands?

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