While the saying "a good horse is never a bad color" is certainly true, it's especially nice when you can have both a good horse and a nicely-colored one in the same package.

And as it turns out, the earliest domesticators of horses felt the same way.

Researchers with the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin told Discovery.com that 5,500 years ago, all horses were drab brown, much like Przewalski's horses. It wasn't until humans got involved that colors were intentionally selected for in breeding.

Read more about genetic "cherry picking" for coat color.  

Did you hear about the school bus driver in Colorado who hit a horse, but continued on his route? The horse died at the scene, and another driver was injured when he struck the carcass, causing his car to flip.

An update says students on the bus used their cell phones to notify emergency responders of the crash.

Hallelujah, a horse rescue with a sense of humor!

We get lots of emails from groups hosting fundraisers for equine rescue--too many to keep up with as news items (though we do have an open-entry event calendar for these sorts of events). But I got a good one today.

The press release that landed in my inbox today tells me that Wildhorse Ranch Rescue in Gilbert, Az., will be hosting the "Royal Coming of Kings and Queens" on May 30, proceeds going to the rescue. Rock on.

Then I clicked on the photos.

The event is a drag show. And a big one at that--$1,000 grand prize. Celebrity host Pussy LeHoot. Musical entertainment by Dany Down Under & The Foxy Boxes.

Whether this is your cup of tea or not, you have to give them props for doing something different to bring equine issues to the attention of a new audience.

If it is your cup of tea and you're in Phoenix May 30, check it out.  

Who else is doing innovative or funny fundraisers for horse causes? Tell us about them in the comments below.