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Walk This Way

Ever wondered what walking on a horse's legs and hooves would feel like? Check out the work of Seattle artist Kim Graham, inventor of Digitigrade Leg Extensions , which--no joke--enable the wearer to walk and, if they dare, prance, more or less like a horse. Envision an upright centaur (or, more accurately, a satyr ). Not easy to picture? See the photos , or the YouTube video . (A quick giggle... Read More

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Summer Blockbusters

Summer means popsicles and flyspray (not in combination), and the voice of Hal Douglas telling us things like "Watch out--they're coming," as we escape the heat in the cool darkness of a movie theater. And there's one summer action flick that's guaranteed to be a hit with this audience. Check out the trailer for " My Little Pony: Reign of Buttercup Sprinkles ." Enjoy... Read More

Wonders of Automation

Do you ever watch "How It's Made"? The Science/Discovery channel show takes viewers behind the scenes at various factories and workshops to demonstrate the elaborate, often automated, processes raw material goes through to become crayons, buttons, aluminum foil, anatomical models, and more. But automation isn't limited to the factory--it's also making inroads into horse training... Read More

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Military Intelligence

Faced with a bevy of logistical challenges, the U.S. Marine Corps has gone old school in its efforts in Afghanistan. In the extreme terrain, mules and donkeys are recognized as crucial components of military supply chains. But where do you find recruits skilled in mule packing? As it turns out, you make your own--Mule School is in session at the Marine Corps's Mountain Warfare Training Center,... Read More

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Horse of a Different Color

While the saying "a good horse is never a bad color" is certainly true, it's especially nice when you can have both a good horse and a nicely-colored one in the same package. And as it turns out, the earliest domesticators of horses felt the same way. Researchers with the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin told that 5,500 years ago, all horses were... Read More

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Mixed Bag

No theme this time. Just oddness. The SPCA is investigating after four zebras recently died at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. According to the report in the Langley Advance , the animals died of exertional myopathy after two Cape buffalo were introduced into their enclosure. The report states that the buffalo were able to interact with the zebras and other enclosure residents, which included ostriches... Read More

View from the Saddle

Zenyatta rocks . Last year's Eclipse Award winner in the category of older female is undefeated in nine starts. Now five years old, her trainer John Shirreffs was planning to kick off this year's campaign in the Louisville Distaff. But, with rain forecast, they opted to scratch instead. "She is just starting off this year, and this is a grade II, it's not the Breeders' Cup,"... Read More

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