... mustache, that is. Alfie, a 10-year-old Shire cross in Bitton, Gloucestershire, seems rather fond of his unique facial hair--so much so that he won't allow anyone to trim it, according to an article at Telegraph.co.uk.  

The black horse sports a fluffy blonde (or dirty white, I suppose) 'stache. See photo. Groom Justine Greenslade told the Telegraph that efforts to cut it have been met with resistance.

"He's obviously rather proud of his facial hair," she said. "He runs a mile if he thinks we're going to trim it."

A particularly funny editorial excerpt: "Moustaches are relatively rare on horses although they are noted among Friesians, which are said to be able to grow ones to rival surrealist painter Salvador Dali's."  

While the 20 horses set to break from the gate this Saturday in Louisville might be hogging the headlines here at home, one particular horse has reached rockstar status in Hungary.

The undefeated horse called Overdose (or alternately, "Hungarian Seabiscuit," "Budapest Bullet," or "Dozi" for short) is set to take on all comers at Europe's major tracks this summer after finding success in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Slovakia.

According to an article on BloodHorse.com, more than 20,000 (twice the norm) attended his last race in Hungary, and an estimated third of the Eastern European country's 10 million population watched on television.

The national darling was purchased as a yearling by a Slovakian steel merchant for about $3,100 at Tattersalls December sales in Newmarket. (Even better--he didn't mean it: Independent "he raised a hand in jest, convinced that not even this puny specimen could go for £2,100. But no one else made a bid, leaving Mr Mikoczy with a horse he didn't really want.")

He's heading to England May 4, with hopes of launching his campaign in the May 23 Temple Stakes.

"A horse like Overdose comes around once a century," his owner said. "There hasn't been a horse like this in this part of Europe since Kincsem."  

Again from the Independent:

"A race to him is like it is to me," his trainer said. "He gives everything, from the heart. He feels stress as the race approaches, he knows what he must do and, whether it's a big race or a small race, he only wants to win. America had Seabiscuit when everything was shit--we have Overdose."

So if none of the starters this Saturday catch your fancy, wait a couple weeks and join in with most of Hungary to cheer "Dozi" home May 23.

Who are your favorite rags-to-riches racehorses?