You've probably already heard/read/watched/blogged/twittered/posted about Madonna's recent horse tumble (in case you're lucky enough to be situated under a large rock, Madge plopped off again during a schooling session in the Hamptons).

The real story here, as far as I'm concerned is the spin factor. Hilarious.

At the time I'm posting this, Google news shows 1,694 related stories on the subject. One thousand, six hundred, and ninety-four. Most of them centering on the paparazzi issue (for our rock dwellers, the ill-fated equestrian claims a paparazzo hiding in the bushes spooked her horse).

A photographer was there. There definitely were some bushes. That much is pretty clear from the photos (note foliage in the foreground).

But from there it gets fuzzy. One story has the photog, identified as Hinton, arriving 10 minutes after the fall, then saying he had been there earlier, then returned to scene after hearing of the accident.

"If I had startled the horse, I would have gotten pictures!" Hinton reasoned to TMZ. Touché.

The second question being results of said tumble--PR maven Liz says Madonna had to be carted off in an ambulance because she fainted, while her athletic trainer says she just bruised her bum (both here). Oh yeah, there's a police report too.  

... All I know is that I just upped Google's result on this to 1,695. And that the horse she was on is super cute. And snaps for sporting the full safety gear.)

My inbox and I would dearly love to avoid the subject altogether, but I just can't see having a weird horse news blog and not touching on the weirdest horse story I think I've ever read.

Jack Ziniuk of Anza, Calif., called Animal Control and told them his horse had been attacked by dogs and was having seizures. But when they arrived, they found the horse had been hit with a sledgehammer and decapitated via chainsaw.

Take your pick: The general story. Or the literally gory details, which are not for the faint of heart.  

He's expected to be arraigned and charged with cruelty today.  

... weird.

Also, donkey basketball controversy? Cruelty or harmless entertainment?

Interesting take on it from no less than the New York Times.  

What are your thoughts?