Taking grooming to a new level, photographer Julian Wolkenstein's series of images of elaborately coiffed equines are making the rounds. Whether it's Rastafarian dreads or a Betty Page style, the photos give a new meaning to extreme makeover.

Several outlets have covered the story, but I like the TODAY show/MSNBC best, as they show some before-and-afters.

Wolkenstein said the images started as a 'what-if" with a friend.

"Not so many people have taken photos of horses with big hair, so we really had no idea what we were going to get into," he told the TODAY show. "Hair and makeup on a person might take two or three hours, but with horses, we just assumed, well, maybe a little bit more. Obviously, we were completely wrong."

According to the report, the prep work for the photos required about four hours--and could be undone with an impatient the flip of a head.

Horses on a test shoot were spooked by the bright flashes, so Wolkenstein turned to horses that had worked in front of cameras before.

"They had a great time," he told the show. "They loved the grooming and being fawned over--the flashlights probably not as much. They had to stand in a very specific spot so that the lighting would be right, so it was a long process getting that right."

See Wolkenstein's site to see greater detail and more samples of his work.

This reminds me of another sort of extreme grooming--see a slideshow. Naturally, I think this one's pretty great.