Art student Mari Kasurinen from Lahti, Finland, hit on my news searches this week for her customized My Little Pony sculptures, modified to portray famous pop culture characters like He-Man, Princess Leia, and Jack Skellington.

Check out the detail on these on the artist's Web site! I like Elvis--#31. And Cthulu (#23) is amazing!

In case you didn't see the short news item, now has a page on Facebook.  

We're loving all the comments, suggestions, and fans we've acquired since its launch a couple weeks ago.

Now here's a question--now that it's up and working great as a way to highlight content we're posting, what should we do with this page to keep it fun?

Here's my super-nerdy idea: I think we should have a Facebook horse show (as in, show us your horses!). What if we set a date for all our fans to change their profile photos to a picture of their horse(s) for one day so we can all see each others'? I'm already loving all the photos available--there's a great array of equine types and interests displayed--and it's nice to see some of the real horse owners who utilize our content, rather than just seeing their e-mail addresses!

To see what I'm talking about, find us on Facebook, then look at the fans on the left side--click see all.

What do you think? Other suggestions?

(PS- We're on Twitter too!)