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I Am The Walrus

... mustache, that is. Alfie, a 10-year-old Shire cross in Bitton, Gloucestershire, seems rather fond of his unique facial hair--so much so that he won't allow anyone to trim it, according to an article at . The black horse sports a fluffy blonde (or dirty white, I suppose) 'stache. See photo . Groom Justine Greenslade told the Telegraph that efforts to cut it have been met... Read More

Spin Factor

You've probably already heard/read/watched/blogged/twittered/posted about Madonna's recent horse tumble (in case you're lucky enough to be situated under a large rock, Madge plopped off again during a schooling session in the Hamptons). The real story here, as far as I'm concerned is the spin factor. Hilarious. At the time I'm posting this, Google news shows 1,694 related stories... Read More

Your Ad Here

When 11-year-old Phoebe Bone's parents told her they couldn't afford to keep both her mare, Lily, and unexpected foal, Bertie, Phoebe did the logical thing: she called in a corporate sponsor. According to an article on , Phoebe--recognizing an opportunity when she saw one sitting right there on Bertie's neck--wrote a letter to UK cell phone company, "3," to point... Read More

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Of Ponies and Pompadours

Taking grooming to a new level, photographer Julian Wolkenstein's series of images of elaborately coiffed equines are making the rounds. Whether it's Rastafarian dreads or a Betty Page style, the photos give a new meaning to extreme makeover. Several outlets have covered the story, but I like the TODAY show/MSNBC best, as they show some before-and-afters. Wolkenstein said the images started... Read More

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It's Easter, Peeps!

Easter, at least in the United States, is associated with a very particular set of fuzzy little critters. Emphasizing all that's cute and fluffy, bunnies, chicks, and lambs are everywhere. But for some folks, Easter has an equine angle. Canadian newspaper The Barrie Examiner very helpfully put together an article on the subject of some horse-y Easter traditions. Here's a fun excerpt: "Folk... Read More

Mules, Glorious Mules!

As promised last month Mule Day of Columbia, Tenn., is upon us! And with Mule Day, we have a wealth of mule-related news! Walking Horse trainer James Carson finally achieved a lifelong dream of riding in the Mule Day parade--just a bit later than intended. Carson died last May at the age of 83. According to an AP story on , Carson outlived many of his family members and friends, and... Read More

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... And I'm Taking the Horses!

Virginia State Police are searching for a 13-year-old boy who appears to have run away from home. But he didn't go alone--Wyatt McLaughlin took a pickup truck and four-horse trailer, two horses, and the family dog. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch , Wyatt went missing from his home between 9 and 10 a.m. Wednesday. Investigators believe he loaded the trailer with the horses, food, extra... Read More

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My Little He-Man

Art student Mari Kasurinen from Lahti, Finland, hit on my news searches this week for her customized My Little Pony sculptures, modified to portray famous pop culture characters like He-Man, Princess Leia, and Jack Skellington. Check out the detail on these on the artist's Web site ! I like Elvis--#31. And Cthulu (#23) is amazing! In case you didn't see the short news item , now... Read More

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