I used to cover news stories about horses being attacked by dogs rather often (like this and this and this). But then, sad as it is, they got old. One story was too much like another, and people pretty much stopped reading them. So I moved onto another topic.

But a news story today has made me rethink my policy on covering dog attack stories. Because this one has a different ending.

According to The Press-Enterprise, a dog in Riverside, Cali., was killed Sunday when the horse it was chasing was struck by an SUV and fell, crushing the dog.

To back it up: the horse was being ridden. The dog chased after and attacked the horse, which bucked its rider off. The horse then ran into traffic, where it was struck by an SUV. The horse fell, crushing the dog.

A spokesman for the Riverside County Department of Animal Services said the horse sustained only bruises and scratches. The report doesn't give any information on either the rider or the driver of the SUV.

The spokesman and a police sergeant said the dog appeared to be a stray.

Weird, huh?

What's your take? (Be sure to read the comments on the P-E article.)

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