A pony in the UK has prompted several emergency calls from passers-by who believe the diminutive equine is stuck in the mud in her Southampton pasture. According to the BBC, her owner is now considering erecting signs advising passers-by.

But Mayflower's not stuck--she's just short. An animal rescue specialist quoted in the story describes her build, with a New Forest body and Shetland legs, as "sausage-dog horse." (See a photo.) Seen from the road, she stands about half the height of her pony companions, which has prompted concerns and calls. According to the Metro, firefighters have gone to "rescue" the pony four times in the past week.

A Florida woman is suing after being attacked by donkeys while trail riding, the St. Petersburg Times reports.

According to the article, Patricia Curtice went on a trail ride on her first date with former jockey Angel Valdez. As they rode through the woods, all was going swimmingly until the fateful "hee-haw."

Two donkeys attacked Curtice's horse (actually, the report calls it a "donkey/horse brawl"). She came off and was stepped on repeatedly. Her horse bolted, chased by the donkeys, but she was able to ride part of the way back with Valdez.

Seven broken ribs, bruises to her lungs and spine, and bruises in the shape of donkey hooves. Curtice, who's uninsured, now has $80,000 in hospital bills.

Backstory is, the donkeys belong to local automobile dealer and philanthropist Frank Morsani. Their function is to protect his other livestock from coyotes. On the day of the attack/brawl, he says someone had cut the fence, allowing the donkeys and 40 cattle to escape.

Now he's being sued.

"I don't know why I have any responsibility," Morsani told the paper. "I wasn't riding the horse.

"I'm sorry what happened to them ... but somebody let our cows out," Morsani said.

On the upside, Curtice and Valdez are now engaged.

She puts it: "I told him, 'We're together. Because I'm not going on a second date.'"

What do you think? Who is responsible when loose livestock cause injury?