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Hitchcock Presents: 'The Donkeys'

Earlier this month we discussed a lawsuit stemming from a donkey attack in Florida . Now we have a report of an 8-year-old child attacked by a donkey in California. "This child is lucky to be alive," Shasta County Animal Control supervisor Mayra Morris told . "This wasn't a bite. This was a full-out attack." According to the report, the boy entered the donkey's... Read More

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"So … what are you in for?"

Forget the tarps and giant soccer balls. Mounted police in Wichita, Kan., have a new aid for desensitization training. Wichita police arrested three people last weekend after some people participating in a bachelorette party celebration threw a 5-foot-long inflatable penis at a police horse. There are a lot of things I could say here, but in the interest of remaining employed, we'll stick to the... Read More

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Is That You, Karma?

I used to cover news stories about horses being attacked by dogs rather often (like this and this and this ). But then, sad as it is, they got old. One story was too much like another, and people pretty much stopped reading them. So I moved onto another topic. But a news story today has made me rethink my policy on covering dog attack stories. Because this one has a different ending. According to The... Read More

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Warning: Sausage Pony

A pony in the UK has prompted several emergency calls from passers-by who believe the diminutive equine is stuck in the mud in her Southampton pasture. According to the BBC , her owner is now considering erecting signs advising passers-by. But Mayflower's not stuck--she's just short. An animal rescue specialist quoted in the story describes her build, with a New Forest body and Shetland legs... Read More

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All Hail the Mule Queen!

I don't know about where you live, but south of the Sweet Tea Line, spring is in the air. Birds are chirping. Hair is flying. Mares are sassy. But spring is important for another reason. That's right, it's almost time for Mule Day ! Held in Columbia, Tenn., since 1840, more than 200,000 attend the event that celebrates all things mule. But Mule Day is far more than just mules--there's... Read More

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The Dangers of Historical Reenactment

Historical reenactment is a ripe subject for an odd news-ter such as myself--horses, actors, noisy, spook-inducing exploding things. It's a veritable recipe for blog topics. But this one's a bit different. Because, really, we're all affected. Now--don't panic--but a mule barge is threatening national security. It seems the staff at Hugh Moore Historical Park in Pennsylvania have run... Read More

Bluecifer's Steed

That's what some folks are calling the 32-foot-high rearing Blue Mustang sculpture outside the Denver International Airport. Created by New Mexico artist Luis Jiménez, the fiberglass ( anatomically correct ) stallion certainly has people taking notice--including the New York Times . Rachel Hultin, a real-estate broker, started a Facebook group called "The DIA's Heinous Blue Mustang Has... Read More

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