Inspired by the recent Oscars, just a couple of the work-safe gems of YouTube (turn the volume down or use headphones if you're in cubicle world!).

I'm pretty sure I had this pony.

If you haven't seen him, Patches the Horse is pretty fantastic. (Because someone will ask and many more will wonder: article on horses eating meat.)

Familiar with Thumbelina, the World's Smallest Horse? If not, read the article (and see a link to her Web site--yes, there is a Thumbelina mailing list (and I'm on it--it's amazing); and yes, she does indeed travel in a vehicle called the ThumbyMobile). Anyway, fab little vid.

A stop-action PSA on the importance of wearing a riding helmet. Hilarious. I can even forgive the wear/where confusion. (This link works on about half the computers here and I'm not sure why. If the video doesn't load, try searching [Breyer Jump Off] on youtube. Should be your first result.)

Killer Horse Saves Baby. Yes, really. Well, sort of. Per the description, it's a clip from an 80s Indian movie. I think the real highlight here is the fake horse legs. Readers are invited to invent their own storyline for this one in the comments below--what do you think is going on here?

I know there are plenty more legitimately funny horse-y vids, but searching [horse funny] gives results that are, by and large, ridiculously unfunny (and searching plain old [horse] is plain old disturbing ... seriously). What are some of your favorite work appropriate vids?