Within the office collection of blogs, there's a gem called "Tracking Barbaro's Brothers." This BloodHorse.com blog by coworker Amanda follows the progress of Barbaro's little brothers, Nicanor and Lentenor (and their sire, dam, and soon-to-be-born sibling). While it might seem far away from TheHorse.com's usual fare, the blog is actually produced just across the office cubicle aisle. So I tend to hear quite a bit about it.

... And what's going on currently is simply brilliant. Amanda gave her readers a Valentine's Day challenge--write a haiku for Nicanor. The results have been delightful.

So, readers. Here's your challenge: let's get some springtime horse-y haikus going.

Ice storm, now thunder
Almost spring in Kentucky
Time to write haiku

Horse looks like a yak
Wherefore art thou, shedding blade?
Show beast under there

Almost time to wash
Muddy gray horse will be clean
Smell of detangler

Pull tack from closet
Saddle calls for Neatsfoot drink
Polish to a shine

Hay belly on horse
Erin needs to run 5K
To fit in show boots

Readers tell me yours
Haiku goes 5-7-5
Syllables of spring

Hit comment below
OK to count on fingers
How is spring for you?