We hear stories pretty frequently about horses running loose in places they shouldn't be, but a story reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel adds a new twist.

Milwaukee police corralled a horse running loose on and near the Marquette University campus earlier this week. But here's the thing--the horse had been in a trailer hauled by a man who dropped his girlfriend off at Marquette. At some point on or near campus, the horse exited the trailer. But the driver didn't notice that the horse was missing until he got to Beloit almost two hours later.

Now, how does this happen?

But then, the article does not give the horse's name--I wonder if he's called Houdini?

Also this week, police in Poland pulled over a driver who had stuffed a pony foal into the back of his Fiat Uno, according to an article from the Austrian Times. The driver had purchased the foal and was transporting it to his farm, about 150 miles away.

According to the report, he tried to outrun the cops, but between the backseat strapped to the roof of the car, the three men wedged onto the front seat, and the 260-lb pony in the back, the poor Fiat just couldn't take it and the engine conked out.

Police fined the driver and confiscated the pony until proper transport could be arranged.

See a photo.

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