The Horse 911: What's Your Emergency?

Splish Splash -- Get that Horse Outta the Pool!

Methods for removing horses from pools are varied. Learn about the most successful tactics for pool rescues. ... Read More

Taking A Dip in the Pool?

Finding a horse trapped in a pool is a common technical equine rescue for many communities, and it's always difficult to figure out a way to rescue it. ... Read More

Barn Fire Prevention and Response, Part 2

In response to the last blog post, we will explore some more best practices related to barn fire prevention and response. Remember, there is a difference between prevention and response.... Read More

Barn Fires--Prevention and Response

We have all heard it, and most of us believe it. It goes something like this: "If you leave a halter and lead rope outside your horse's stall, then a firefighter or first responder can halter him and lead him safely from the stall and out of the barn in a fire." ... Read More

Ever Hear 'Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place'?

A horse's hoof is a really hard place if you get kicked, but even the horse can be a hard place if you get pinned between it and a rock, tree, stall wall, trailer wall, or other tight space.... Read More

Best Practices In Trailer Overturn Emergencies

There are a number of dos and don'ts when responding to horse trailer overturns. Don't make these mistakes!... Read More

Introductions - Call 911 for Horse Emergencies, Too!

If you have ever been in an emergency situation and wished there was a phone number that would answer in a friendly voice, "Horse 911 - What's your emergency?" then you understand how scary it can be to wonder what to do when the unimaginable happens with your horse.... Read More

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The Horse 911: What's Your Emergency? describes real-life equine emergencies and rescues, along with lessons on how to avoid such situations when possible and how to effectively save the horses and humans involved.