The Horse 911: What's Your Emergency?

Whatever You Do, Don't Panic

Horses pick up on body language and small cues from their handlers, which means it's especially important to stay calm during an emergency rescue situation.... Read More

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What Do I Do with This Dead Horse? Part 2

Last time we talked about the problems caused by not disposing of a carcass in a timely manner. This week we look at disposal methods and options.... Read More

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What Do I Do With This Dead Horse? Part 1

Properly disposing of your horse after his death is an important responsibility for the health and safety of others.... Read More

Don't Drown Your Horse, Part 2

Just like you and me, horses need lessons to learn how to swim.... Read More

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Don't Drown Your Horse, Part 1

Come on, raise your hand if you've ever gone swimming with your horse--it's fun! Sadly, however, stories of horses and humans playing in the water often turn tragic.... Read More

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Getting Involved with Your Local Responders

There are some places that you do not want your name to show up. I can think of several, but one of those would be the Journal of Trauma.... Read More

Wildfires--Shelter in Place Planning

If the horses and other animals cannot be evacuated in the case of wildfires, the facility should have a shelter-in-place plan for them. ... Read More

Wildfires--Evacuation Planning

It's been predicted that wildfires in the West will be worse than ever this year. Prepare your farm and family now with evacuation planning.... Read More

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Improving Transport with Scientific Evidence and Animal Welfare Legislation

Research shows that we need to improve trailer design and all aspects of equine transport. ... Read More

A Firefighter’s Perspective on Horses

What firefighters want you to know about horses.... Read More

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The Horse 911: What's Your Emergency? describes real-life equine emergencies and rescues, along with lessons on how to avoid such situations when possible and how to effectively save the horses and humans involved.