The Horse 911: What's Your Emergency?

Milton, Ga., Response Program is a Huge Success

This unit has outfitted its department with a cache of large animal equipment, responds to needs within its region, and performs ongoing training. ... Read More

University of Florida VETS Team: Disaster Response

In my travels around the country, I meet the most fascinating people. I'd like to introduce you to them as well.... Read More

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Handling Non-Medical Trail Emergencies

Who would you call if your horse was trapped or injured after a trail-riding accident?... Read More

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Top 5 Basic Safety Changes to Your Barn

From floor to ceiling, here are the top five safety changes you should make to your barn. ... Read More

Barn Fire Safety Checklist

Barn fire prevention requires a strategy like no other. Use this checklist to protect both horses and humans in your facility.... Read More

Accidental Hypothermia In Horses

With the extremely cold temperatures in the United States this week, I want to focus on the problems associated with accidental hypothermia. This information could save your horse's life.... Read More

Disaster Preparedness and Planning: Part 2

Now that you have your human emergency plan in place, Rebecca turns to the critters. Whether you board or keep horses at home, learn about creating an equine evacuation plan.... Read More

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Personal Disaster Preparedness, Part 1

Is your family ready in case of disaster? Take this quiz to find out.... Read More

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Large Animal Rescue: Moving into 2013 and Beyond

The year 2013 is expected to bring some significant steps forward in large animal rescue, both in the United States and around the world.... Read More

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Water Efforts Lead to Australian Entrapment Challenges

Rebecca reports from her large animal rescue training tour in Australia, where water collection tanks create safety issues for horses. ... Read More

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