The Horse 911: What's Your Emergency?

Snow Blizzard 2015: Are You Prepared?

One Connecticut horse farm gets ready for predicted blizzard. Are your horses ready?... Read More

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Six Ways to Better Prevent and Respond to Barn Fires

Rebecca presented about barn-fire safety at the most recent American Association of Equine Practitioners' convention. Read about the top tips she shared. ... Read More

Movies and TV's Effect on Real-Life Horse Extractions

Real life shouldn't emulate art when it comes to working with and rescuing large animals.... Read More

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Report: Animals after Disasters Conference

Rebecca gives an update from a recent conference and reviews the history of large-animal disaster planning and organizations.... Read More

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Safety: What to Look for in a Barn

Get advice from recent "Horse Behavior and Safety" course participants.... Read More

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Resolve to Prepare in 2014

The "Year of the Horse" is officially upon us. Now is the perfect time to resolve to finally get disaster planning in place.... Read More

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Buy Reflective for You as well as Your Horse

An inexpensive reflective vest could save your life when trying to catch a loose horse on a roadway.... Read More

Protecting Vet Students from Horse-Related Injuries

What is the price of learning and love for animals? Should a veterinary student be willing to die for their work and learning?... Read More

My Horses are Out On the Ice

Protect horses from icy ponds by using barriers such as fences. Otherwise, the results could be devastating.... Read More

Large Animal Rescue Training in Australia

Learn about large-animal rescue training efforts in Australia.... Read More

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The Horse 911: What's Your Emergency? describes real-life equine emergencies and rescues, along with lessons on how to avoid such situations when possible and how to effectively save the horses and humans involved.