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Handling Non-Medical Trail Emergencies

Who would you call if your horse was trapped or injured after a trail-riding accident?...

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Water Efforts Lead to Australian Entrapment Challenges

Rebecca reports from her large animal rescue training tour in Australia, where water collection tanks create safety issues for horses. ...

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Whatever You Do, Don't Panic

Horses pick up on body language and small cues from their handlers, which means it's especially important to stay calm during an emergency rescue situation....

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Trapped in the Fence

Learn how to prevent your horse from getting stuck in a fence and how to help him out safely if he does get trapped....

Taking A Dip in the Pool?

Finding a horse trapped in a pool is a common technical equine rescue for many communities, and it's always difficult to figure out a way to rescue it. ...

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The Horse 911: What's Your Emergency? describes real-life equine emergencies and rescues, along with lessons on how to avoid such situations when possible and how to effectively save the horses and humans involved.