The Horse 911: What's Your Emergency?

January 2012 - Posts

Top 5 Mistakes Horse Owners Make When Responding to Emergencies

Our expert explains how to best help during an equine emergency involving your own horse.... Read More

Ropes Around Horses and Humans--Beware The Dangers

Using ropes around horses is a natural thing to do, but the hidden dangers of ropes are highlighted by the numbers of people who have met death or incurred serious injuries while using them.... Read More

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Trapped in the Fence

Learn how to prevent your horse from getting stuck in a fence and how to help him out safely if he does get trapped.... Read More

New Year Resolutions--Prepare for Trailer and Roadside Emergencies

Large animal rescue expert Rebecca Gimenez discusses ways to stock your trailer with the tools needed to keep you and your horses safe during a roadside emergency.... Read More

Splish Splash -- Get that Horse Outta the Pool!

Methods for removing horses from pools are varied. Learn about the most successful tactics for pool rescues. ... Read More

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