About The Horse 911: What's Your Emergency?

If you own or spend a lot of time around horses, chances are good that at some point, your horses have gotten themselves into trouble such that you fervently wished there was a number you could call where a capable savior would answer on the first ring and say: "Horse 911: What's your emergency?"

In some areas, those saviors do exist (although they don't directly answer 911 calls - they work with local emergency responders and veterinarians as a team). This blog is written by one of them: Rebecca Gimenez, PhD (animal physiology), President and Primary Instructor at Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue and coauthor of the book Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue. She brings us true stories of common equine emergencies and technical rescues from the mundane to the catastrophic, from the preventable to the unlucky. She breaks down the fundamental cause of each incident, analyzes the rescue team’s response (or lack of response), and provides tips on how to prevent these emergencies. For each incident she will give a "best-case response" of how she might have handled each scenario – horses get into some unbelievable pickles with and without their humans.

Be warned: Not all of these incidents will have happy endings, but each one brings home specific lessons we can all use to keep our horses safer without a real call to 911 emergency rescue services.