According to a new poll on this site,, horse lovers from all over would love to attend the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky, this September and October, but they cite high ticket prices and perceived hotel-room-rate gouging as reasons they're going to give the event a pass.

Of the 450-plus respondents, fully 76 percent say they're not attending the WEG in person. About 17 percent say they're going. The rest are undecided.

In a previous blog post, I compared WEG tickets to the price of admission to other major sporting events, including the 2010 Super Bowl and the 2010 winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. WEG ticket prices don't seem too bad at first blush, but then one realizes that the major draws, such as medal finals, are divided into two sections -- and each half requires its own full-priced ticket. That's harsh and, frankly, seems a little underhanded.

WEG organizers may not have control over room rates, but a look at those indicates that local hotel operators are hoping to make a killing. But most nearby or semi-nearby properties appear to be booked, so evidently lots of folks are undeterred. 

What have your experiences been with finding WEG lodging? Is there any to be had? Do you think prices on any unsold rooms will come down at the last minute? What about home rentals? Have you and a group of friends or family members rented a house for the duration?